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Sophea Natasha Nama Baby Baru Dr.SMS dan Dr.Harlina

19 Januari lalu, Dr. Harlina selamat melahirkan bayi kedua mereka.
Dan bayi mereka diberi nama Sophea Natasha

We finally have a name for B's little sister!!! It doesnt took us long to decided on her name this time..

We think the name suits her well :) insyaAllah..

Daddy went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara today to register her. To those who doesn't know, you have to register newborns within 14 days after the baby is born. If you took more than 14 days, you'll be fine!!!

Malu lar kan kalu kena denda.. Haha..

So, we have decided to name our daughter..

Sophea Natasha

(insert fireworks here)


Almost like her sister..

Sophea Isabella.

We love the name 'Sophea' so much.. It means 'wise and beautiful'

we decided to keep it..

and daddy chose 'Natasha' because it means 'strong'. This baby is a strong baby.. after all ups and downs during pregnancy and delivery, she made it through!!

And 'Natasha' also means 'gift of God'.. Which she truly is :)

Owh.. And btw, B and daddy is in Kosmo newspaper today!!!

Check them out!!

Where's Tasha's pic? Nanti ok ;) X


Mrs Velentine said...

tahniah..sedap nama

Ratu Hatiku said...

Sekejap jerk...rasanya mcm baru jerk tau dia pregnant yg kedua..dah bersalin rupanya... Tahniah! :)


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