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11 Things You Didn't know About King Khan SRK!!!

1. His dog's names are Dash, Hulk, Kai & Juicy
(Mak aiii... sampai 4 ekor anjing dia bela..)

2. He's not e good swimmer.
(Patutlah jarang tengok dia berlakon dalam air... ke tak pernah)

3. He does not like to eat ice cream.
(Wah... samalah kita, hahaha perasan)

4. Shah Rukh weight about 70 to 75 kilo
(Hmm... tak de lah besar sangat yekkk..)

5. When he is sad he becomes quite and overcomes it with hugs from his kids.
(Hmmm.... so sweet)

6. During his busy schedule, SRK manage with only 5 hours of sleep.
( 5 jam tidur, kira ok lah tu)

7. As a parent, he likes to believe he is a better father than an actor.
(Oklah tu)

8. King Khan believes in the TINA factor: There Is No Alternative to hard work.
(Betul betul betul)

9. He does not keep a beard as he and his kids find it scratchy.
(Patutlah jarang tengok dia berjambang)

10. SRK's philosophy with people: It is OK if people let you down, their loss not yours.
(Memang pun)

11. He wears his wedding ring on hir right hand.

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